• Population: 66 million people. Reference country in Europe

  • Industrial market with major international potential

  • Nation with great democratic tradition

  • Great investment in R&D, technology and renewable energies. Supports innovation

  • Traditionally has strengthened its economy from inside the country

  • Best technical universities in Europe

  • Clear future vision of state policies

  • The “Grenelle” law (year 2009) regulates the energy plan until 2050

  • Commitment to the “Energy Transition” which proposes the reduction of actual nuclear energy from 75% (in the MIX energy) to 50% by 2015, counting on the development of renewable energy in economically sustainable conditions

  • Market for managing structured biomass, existing organizations specializing in the collection, processing and logistics associated with the market

  • Current production (2013) via biomass plants 900 MW target year 2020 of 3,800 MW (increase of 20% per year)



Renewable energy projects, specifically in the area of biomass, in areas with large biomass resources

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