Selection and analysis

  • Study and select projects consistent with the type being searched for

  • Select the manager

  • Project due diligence

Strategy definition

  • Market analysis

  • Define positioning of the product to be developed

  • Define trade and pricing policy

  • Define development timing

  • Economic study and evaluation of capital needs

  • Legal and tax study

  • Development of the complete business plan


  • Negotiate entry into the project

  • Search for capital and financing

  • Create investment vehicle and its subsidiaries. Propose for each:

    i. Articles of association (and members of the board)

    ii. Partnership agreement

    iii. Manager’s contracts, etc…

Project development

  • Monitor compliance with the business plan”

  • Follow-up visits to the project

  • Participation in decision-making

  • Representation and/or assessment of capital at executive board meetings

Closing and liquidation

  • Lead the delivery and liquidity process

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How to find opportunities?

  • Taking advantage of globalization

  • Selecting countries with business in expansion

  • Leveraging our know-how to detect the best projects

  • Understanding the particularities of each country (way of doing business, culture, habits, mentality or way of thinking, relationship with administration, the need for political support, etc.)

How to ensure a good investment?

  • Selecting projects with added value

  • Creating investment vehicles for each project

  • Clearly defining the way and time of disinvestment

  • Leveraging our expertise to select the best manager with local experience

  • Investment control, tracking and advice

Project selection criteria

  • Timming

    Limited (between 2 and 3 years)

  • Security

    High. Tangible assets are purchased

  • Liquidity

    Defined exit strategy

  • Financing

    Formalized when project starts and with little leverage

  • Investor IRR

    Minimum 20% annual

  • Strategy

    Defined and specified in the partnership agreement

  • Control

    Absolute or majority participation

  • Amount

    Minimum investment – Between 100.000 € and 500.000 € for each investor