• Population: 17 Million people, distance of 4.300 km from north to south

  • Has a strong growing mining industry

  • Because of this growing industry, there is a shortage of electrical energy, and the cost is very high

  • The renewable energies are profitable at pool prices (they don’t require subsidies )

  • There are 4 electrical distribution networks which are not integrated with each other

  • Chile is supposed to increase its renewable energy use from 2.5% to 20% by 2025

  • There is little renewable energy expertise in the country (here there is an opportunity)

  • Distributors are required to purchase the electricity at pool prices (energy sales assured)

  • High irradiation makes photovoltaic energy very attractive

  • For licenses smaller than 3 MW, the administrative process is very simply and agile (8 months)



Project in process of being launched (photovoltaic)

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