Afintia identifies investment opportunities and, on the basis of a defined strategy, finds the most appropriate products and managers. For each project, a special vehicle (not a fund) is created

Afintia ensures that the manager’s interests are perfectly aligned with those of the capital, in order to solely promote the investor’s best interests


  • Afintia was founded in 2006 with the aim of offering a new service to investors

  • Our independent position allows us to select the most attractive projects and the best managers, working at all times at the service of the capital

  • As private equity firm, we focus on projects with high profitability and rotation, which require value creation and high product demand

  • We create investment vehicles for each project. In each, an asset is developed according to a predetermined “business plan.”

  • The international experience of our two partners permits the presentation of new investment opportunities in emerging markets previously little known to the investors or Family Offices.

Our goals

  • BSearch for investment opportunities:

    In each market, we work on projects with high demand and where added value is generated
    Characterized by:
    a. Capital required: between 1 and 10 million €
    b. High profitability (minimum 20% annual)
    c. Short-term investment (2-3 years)

  • Structure of these opportunities:

    In order to achieve this, we define:
    a. Assets to be developed
    b. Investment strategy
    c. Manager to be hired
    d. Corporate and tax structure…all materialized into a business plan

  • Minimize the risk for the investor through:
    a. Capital contribution from the manager in the project
    b. Investor entry into project already in motion
    c. Additional guarantees wherever possible

  • Provide service to investors
    a. With personalized treatment
    b. Through a system of continuous reporting
    c. Advising on decision-making

Our values

  • Confidentiality: Maximum discretion fully guaranteed

  • Professionalism: Recognized experience and achievement in the sector

  • Independence: Selection of the best manager for each project

  • Transparency: Detailed and accurate information

  • Fidelity: Objectives aligned with capital

  • Personalization: Projects customized for each client

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